Lepidolite Star Pendant with Silver Plated Bail


Lepidolite Puff Star Pendant with silver plated bail

This beautiful star pendant is made with Lepidolite Crystal gemstone and has a silver plated bail.

Lepidolite is a stone used for dispelling negativity and bringing calm to a hostile environment.

It is used to soothe stress and depression. Often used when suffering from grief.

The colour of this stone brings calm and tranquil vibes to a chaotic situation and is is good for restoring balance in your spiritual energy. Lepidolite is an overall mood stabiliser.

Approximate size:
Crystal: approx. 30 x 30mm
To top of bail: 35cm
Depth: approx. 6mm
Colour: lilac/grey/rose
Chakra: Crown and Third Eye

Due to the natural formation of lepidolite, each carved star may vary slightly in colour.

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