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Kasumi White Aroma Diffuser

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This contemporary electric diffuser is a great way to fragrance your home while creating a relaxing and calming environment.

Bringing together the beautiful aromas of your favourite scented oils and a cooling cascade of pure, swirling mist, the Kasumi Ultrasonic Aroma Diffuser creates a truly mesmerising spectacle. The fragrant mist pools in the bowl before tumbling down in fabulous slow-motion billows and curls.

The Kasumi revitalises the air to improve your wellbeing and preserves the full integrity of your chosen oil blends using a heat-free system to deliver its fine mist of scented vapour. There is a choice between Normal Mist Mode, which diffuses the scent and mist over a larger area or Cascading, which is ideal for relaxation and effect. To complete, the sensory experience, soft colour-changing mood lighting cycles through a spectrum of shades or can be fixed on a specific colour.

To encourage restful sleep, there is a Night Mode, which can be used with either mist settings and the device automatically shuts off when the water falls below a certain level making it safe to use around children and pets.

• Suitable for use with any essential or fragrance oils (MADE BY ZEN oils recommended)
• Colour-changing mood light
• Night mode, so diffuser can be used without the light
• Two mist settings – constant, intermittent
• Mini humidifier improves air quality
• Mist duration 4-6 hours
• No heat, so no degradation of essential oils
• Worry free, turns off automatically once the machine runs empty, making it safe to use around children or pets
• No mess, wax or smoke
• Easy to clean

Approx dimensions: 15cm height x 14cm width

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