Orange Pumpkin Ceramic Oil Burner

£8.79 £10.99

Jack-O-Lantern Ceramic Orange Pumpkin Oil Burner.
Size approx: H10cm X W10.5cm X D10.5cm
Includes free tea light.

This pumpkin burner is perfect for all your home fragrance needs and makes a great gift for those who love to celebrate pumpkin season in style. Use this jack-o-lantern style burner with simmering granules, fragrance or essential oils (add water to the well first) or scented wax tarts.

With Wax Melts:
Simply place a fragranced wax tablet or tart into the well of your burner and light the tealight underneath.

With Fragrant/Essential Oil:
Simply fill the top of your burner with water and add some of your favourite fragrant oil. Then light a tealight underneath and away you go.

With Simmering Granules:
Simply add 1 or 2 teaspoons to the top of your burner - no oil or water is needed, then light the tea light underneath. When they have eventually lost their fragrance, the granules can be conveniently thrown away and replaced with fresh ones.

Handy Tip: if you have any left over pieces of fragrant candle, or candles where the wick has become damaged and unusable, you can always break up the wax and use it in your burner

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