Global Journey

In Search of the Spirit CD by Global Journey

In Search of the Spirit CD by Global Journey

Native Americans believe that the spirits communicate with the tribal leaders in sleep. Intricately woven dream catchers, placed by the bed where morning light strikes them, aid the elders in recalling nightly visions. In Search of the Spirit honours the Sacred tradition. The gentle, free flowing rhythms wash over you like sleep. Listen with your heart. This soothing and meditative music will carry you in waves of tranquil bliss, into a state of complete serenity.

Nature: Rain, thunder, birdsong, crickets, wind, the Missouri River and more.
Instruments: Flutes, shakers and drums.

Track Listing :
1. Memory of Earth Mother
2. Reflections
3. Walking on the Water
4. Morning Star Flower Song
5. Cherished Grandmother
6. Shadow
7. Mythical Meadowlark, Mythical Horse
8. Bird Song
9. Water Song
10. Woman Comes First

Total Running Time: 51 mins

Produced and arranged by Steve Hogarty

Executive Producer: Peter Samuels

Global Journey ltd.

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