Emily Victoria Candles

I Believe In Unicorns Reed Diffuser

£10.00 £16.99

I Believe In Unicorns - Everyone needs a touch of magic in their life and this is the ultimate sweet scent for all believers. Think strawberry ice cream, think marshmallow fluff, think cotton candy. After all, how else would you expect a unicorn to smell?

This I Believe In Unicorns reed diffuser by Emily Victoria is the perfect way to fragrance any room. Theres no flame so theres no need to worry about leaving it unattended!

How to Use:

To get started, simply remove the stopper and add the reeds to the vaseAllow 24 hours for the fragrance to absorb then flip the reeds overFor maximum scent, include all 7 reeds and turn them over weeklyOnce the scent has diffused, you can replenish with a refill and renew your reeds with ease

Set Contains:

Decorative vase
100ml fragrance oil
Diffuser reeds

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