Howlite Tumblestone


Howlite is a stone for resilience.

This is a calming stone which links into the spiritual dimension, preparing the mind to receive wisdom and insight. It formulates ambitions, both spiritual and material, and helps us to achieve them.

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Howlite is used extensively in the making of North American jewellery.

It was named after it was first discovered in Nova Scotia in 1868 by Henry How, a Canadian chemist, geologist and mineralogist. Howlite is normally found as white, irregular shaped nodules with grey or black veins.

It is often used to make small carvings and jewellery, and because it has a slightly porous nature it is often dyed to imitate other minerals, especially turquoise. Dyed howlite is more correctly known as turquenite or turqurenite.

When sold in its natural state, Howlite is often called White Turquoise, White Buffalo Turquoise or White Buffalo Stone.

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