Healing Crystals for Protection Pack


Three beautiful crystals chosen for their protective qualities. These stones will work together to help ground and shield you from any negative energies.

This pack contains:

Black Tourmaline (black)

Black tourmaline is a highly protective crystal that helps you feel secure and grounded. It helps to strengthen your connection with the physical world and calm your fears.

Tiger's Eye (gold)

Tigers eye heightens self-confidence, self-belief, and increases self-knowledge. Its a powerful stone that can help to focus the mind and boost your ability to solve problems.

Hematite (dark metallic grey)

Hematite increases courage and strengthens the heart. It helps us move beyond our previous limitations, and overcome compulsions and addictions. It provides extra energy, courage and endurance.

The crystals are presented in a small canvas bag and include information about their healing properties.

How to cleanse your crystals:

Regularly cleanse and recharge your crystals to restore them to their natural state. Simply rinse your crystal under running water, making sure its completely submerged, then pat dry.

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