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Harnessing the Power of Signs & Symbols


Harnessing the Power of Signs & Symbols by Kirsten Riddle

Many ancient signs and symbols surround us, but do we know what they mean and how can we use them?  Kirsten Riddle helps you discover the origins behind magical icons from all around the world.  She gives practical tips and suggests simple charms that you can use to tap into their power and transform any aspect of your life, including relationships, career, health, and finances.

The symbols range from the famous Celtic Triquetra and Egyptian Ankh, to lesser known by equally powerful signs such as the Slavic Lunitsa and the Norse Jormungand.

Explore the fascinating origins of ancient icons.  Work with these mystical shapes to boost your career, improve your finances, and get your heart’s desire.  Discover how to make your personal power symbol.

Kirsten Riddle is a writer, storyteller, and magical practitioner.

ISBN: 978 1 800650893

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