Golden Healer Quartz Polished Point Silver Plated Pendant


Golden Healer Quartz Polished Point Silver Plated Pendant

This beautiful polished point pendant is made with Golden Healer Quartz Crystal gemstone and has a silver plated bail.

The Golden Quartz pendant has a flattened top and hangs in a downward position with the point at the bottom allowing the beautiful polished gemstone to be seen perfectly when worn on a chain.

Golden Healer Quartz - the Master Healer (also known as Yellow Hematoid Quartz) - is a grounding crystal that dispels negativity, quiets the mind and creates a more balanced energy. It enhances concentration, inspires creativity, boosts self-esteem and self-confidence and helps you find simple solutions to problems. It is especially helpful for aligning the Chakras.

Approximate size:
Crystal: 25-30mm
Point to top of bail: 35-40cm
Colour: quartz with light yellow to deep golden inclusions due to traces of iron
Chakra: Solar Plexus

The product image is a sample image only, and doesn't depict the particular individual crystal you will receive, but we always promise that we will hand pick the best crystals we can.

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