Star Child

Gold Incense Censer by Star Child


Made by Star Child of Glastonbury, this small incense censer with its rich dark gold colouring is for making offerings using herbs and resins or for simply holding a tea light.

It is recommended that you place some sand in the well of the burner on which to  place your charcoal block before lighting (about one third of the depth to retain the heat), then add a few grains of natural incense.

Alternatively you could hold the censer under a smudge stick when you cleansing your home, or use it to rest the smudge stick on.

Height approx 6.5cm
Width approx. 10cm
Made of clay with glazing in the bowl
Includes a small bag of sand

Hand made in England.
One of a range of unique designs made using clays, glazes and alchemical processes.

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