Star Child

Glastonbury Hand Blended Incense


Glastonbury Hand Blended Incense by Star Child has been dedicated to Glastonbury as a place for seekers and pilgrims in search of spiritual truth and understanding. To this day Glastonbury is alive with Myths & Legends and those who know how to pass through the veil may catch a glimpse of the mysteries. This blend includes herbs collected from the hallowed earth around Glastonbury. May it bring you happy memories, peaceful vibrations and help you navigate through the mists of your spiritual journey.

Spiritual Incense:

Starchild's range of Avalonian incense is dedicated to the realm myth and legends, of magic and enchantment. Enter a world between the worlds and a time outside time where Dragons roam and Fairies play

How to use:

Place a charcoal disc on a fireproof surface away from anything flammable. A ceramic or metal dish containing some sand is ideal.
Hold a match or a lighter to the rim of the disc, taken care as the disc may spit and spark on ignition. Also allow a good air flow around the disc so that it can burn evenly, and be aware that it may give off quite a lot of smoke.
Once the disc is red hot and glowing, drop a pinch of the incense on the top.
Scrape off the ashes from time to time to expose the glowing centre of the charcoal disc and add more incense as required.
NEVER hold a lit disc in your hand, and dispose of spent discs carefully.

Looking after your incense:

This type of incense keeps well, and as long as it is kept in a cool dark place it should actually improve with age.

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