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Ghost Dancers CD by Global Journey

Ghost Dancers CD by Global Journey

The Ghost Dancers were members of the Lakota Sioux Tribe who believed that if Indians danced and sang to certain songs they could bring friends and relatives back from the dead and the white man would disappear. They wore 'Magical' shirts which they believed to be bulletproof.

This evocative an d emotive music featuring authentic instrumentations pays tribute to the Ghost Dancing religion and a people whose devotion to family and community, with guidance from their ancestors, have survived many setbacks and constitute an integral part of North American history.

Track Listing :
1. Wovoka's Vision
2. Lost Ones
3. Dreamcatcher
4. Sittting Bull
5. Rosebud Dance
6. Communion
7. Tipi Sunset
8. Spirit World
9. Cheyenne River
10. Lost Bird

Total Running Time: 51 mins

Executive Producer: Peter Samuels

Global Journey ltd.

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