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Frankincense Simmering Granules


The name for this resin possibly comes from "incense of Franks" since it was reintroduced to Europe by Frankish Crusaders. It is better known as "frankincense" to westerners, and is derived from the Boswellia tree. Charred and powdered, frankincense was the major ingredient in the traditional black kohl that Egyptian women still wear as eyeliner. It was believed to help women see a more spiritual aspect of the world, to avoid ill-fate, and to prevent eye infection. Of course, it has been, and still is, used in expensive perfume. The fragrance is soft, balsamic, and sometimes lemony or camphorous.

Simmering granules are a great alternative to fragrance oils. No need to add water. Just two teaspoons in your burner, light the tealight, and away you go.

They can also be used in ash trays, for fragrancing and decorating planters, or even for scenting letters and cards.

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