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Fennel Essential Oil


Fennel Essential Oil
Latin name: foeniculum vulgare

Extraction by steam distillation using crushed seeds
NB Fennel Essential Oil is Sweet Fennel - Bitter Fennel is NOT used in aromatherapy

Clear viscosity
Scent is herby and slightly spicy a bit like aniseed
Colour is clear

For digestive problems such as flatulence, constipation, colic, nausea, dyspepsia and even hiccups.
Helps with obesity, as it makes you feel full
Helps in the dispersing of cellulite
It can cleanse and tone the skin, combats oiliness and improves the texture of mature skin
It can also be used for increasing breast milk in nursing mothers, but it is probably better to use the fresh fennel herb for this purpose
Can act as a stimulant for the appetite, so helps in cases of anorexia

Other applications:
In vapour therapy, sweet fennel can boost your courage and help you face up to your problems

Should only be used in small doses
Should be avoided in cases of epilepsy
Not recommended for use during pregnancy
Not for babies or infants

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