Global Journey

Fairy Garden CD by Global Journey

Fairy Garden CD by Global Journey

Enjoy your visit to the enchanted Fairy Garden, the sublime music of Keith Halligan guides you to this hidden sanctuary of Lavender, Poppies and of course Fairies. Sit down, relax and watch the Fairies tend their garden and let their innocence and free-spirit inspire and amuse you. Visit the Fairy Garden often and leave feeling refreshed, relaxed and with an inner calm instilled by your visit.

"And I do love thee, therefore go with me,
I'll give thee fairies to attend on thee,
And they shall fetch jewels from the deep
And sing while thou on pressed flowers sleep"
William Shakespeare

Track Listing :
1. Ellanora in Eden
2. Tinkerbell's Dance
3. Dreams of Ariel
4. Pilipa's Song
5. Opalina and Cendrine
6. Betheljoy's Sunflower
7. Adeline gets her wings
8. Chanterelle's Secret
9. Lavender for Darantasia
10. Enchanting Titania

Total Running Time: 58 mins

Executive Producer: Peter Samuels

Global Journey ltd.

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