Elemental Gaia Greenwood Pendant


The Earth - Gaia - is mother to us all, and She is Nature at her most benevolent. Commanding the elements of Earth, Air, Fire and Water, She will grant peace and tranquillity to those who respect Her domain and follow Her path.

Pendant measures 65 x 34mm.

Each pendant comes with a full-colour leaflet presenting the entire collection, with an explanation of the meaning.

All the pendants are mounted on black cord and come in a saffron satin drawstring pouch.

The mythical Greenwood Forest is home to our ancestors - human and fairy - and their animal allies. Our Greenwood Collection of enchanted jewellery is finely detailed to connect the wearer with their woodland origins.

Elegant, crafted from lead-free alloy, some feature spell-binding crystals. Each pendant is presented in a presentation pouch with a black thong. Stone colours may vary. Intricate and subtle, the magical power of Nature's ancient forest lore is charmed within each original design.

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