Global Journey

Earth Rhythms CD by Global Journey

Earth Rhythms CD by Global Journey

This reflective album is a transcendental tribute to Mother Earth and the culture, tradtitions and spirituality of her Indigenous peoples. The meditative ambience is a portrayal of the Aboriginal 'Dreamtime' in which the hypnotic tones of the didgeridoo are absorbed by the concious and sub-concious mind.

Track Listing:
1. Earth Mother
2. Oneness
3. Bangarra
4. Creation
5. Uluru Sunset
6. Altyerre
7. Heart Of The People
8. Dreamweaver
9. Spirit Of The Ancestors
10. Guardian Of The Rock
11. The Magic Charm
12. Invocation

Total Running Time: 58 mins

Executive Producer: Peter Samuels

Global Journey ltd.

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