Crystals For A New Mum Bracelet


Wear this gemstone bracelet which includes the perfect crystals for a new mum, to feel nurtured, soothed and calm. 

This combination of stones has been chosen to work together to support you during your new venture. 

This bracelet is handmade using high quality 8mm gemstone beads threaded on extra strong stretchy elastic.

Rose Quartz (pink) - has a nurturing and soothing energy that promotes self-love and helps you to overcome feelings of self-criticism and resentment.

Amethyst (purple) - a calming and comforting stone, it helps to make you and your environment feel relaxed, promoting restful sleep and intuition.

Agate (pink/grey) - improves self-confidence and offers strength, endurance and power to your body. A comforting and protective stone if you are feeling lonely, overwhelmed or afraid.

The bracelet is presented in a small organza pouch and includes information about the healing properties of the crystals used.

Size approx. 7inch

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