Crystal Confetti


Crystal Confetti

Perfect for crystal collectors and beginners, or for use as beautiful decoration, our bags of crystal confetti are packed full of crystal chips and gemstones.

The pouch is filled with a variety of stones and will include some of the following; quartz, tiger eye, rose quartz, sodalite, agates, unakite, crackle quartz and many more. Thats the fun - no two bags are the same!

You can use your crystal confetti in lots of ways; empty it into a display dish, decorate your shelves or candle plates, or use it in small spell jars. Its the perfect gift for any crystal lover!

Each organza bag holds approximately 90 - 100g of crystal confetti.

Crystal Confetti contains a mixture of tiny stones, and isnt recommended for small children. 

Colour of organza pouch will vary.

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