Coloured Round Wooden Incense Holder - Buddha


A brightly coloured round wooden ash catcher with an embossed metal disc in the centre with a Buddha design.

Diameter 12.5cm (approx. 5in)
Choice of colours available.

This wooden incense holder is perfect for burning up to four incense sticks and the central embossed central disc is designed to hold an incense cone. It protects your furniture when burning incense, and the bright colour is sure to uplift the spirits. It is very easy to use by simply placing your incense into one of the ready-made holes around the inner ring of the holder, or stand an incense cone on the metal centre. After lighting your incense you can enjoy the relaxing aroma of your favourite incense as it drifts gently around your room.

Please be aware that these are unique, handmade products - so the item may sometimes look a little different from the images shown.

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