Charcoal Discs Pack of 10


Pack of 10 charcoal discs in foil wrapping. Charcoal discs are approximately one inch in diameter.

Charcoal discs are for use with incense in the form of herbs, resins and gums.

To use them:

Place a charcoal disc on a fireproof surface away from anything flammable. A ceramic or metal dish containing some sand is ideal.Hold a match or a lighter to the rim of the disc, taken care as the disc may spit and spark on ignition. Also allow a good air flow around the disc so that it can burn evenly, and be aware that it may give off quite a lot of smoke.Once the disc is red hot and glowing, drop a pinch of the incense on the top.Scrape off the ashes from time to time to expose the glowing centre of the charcoal disc and add more incense as required.NEVER hold a lit disc in your hand, and dispose of spent discs carefully.

Store unused charcoal discs in an airtight container, once the foil wrapper has been opened, to maintain their self-igniting properties.

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