Chakra Stones Crystal Pack


This simple chakra healing crystal set contains 7 quality tumble stones, a crystal name card showing the chakra each crystal represents, all complete in a protective pouch.

Our physical wellbeing is affected by the energy flow within our bodies.
During daily life our energy centres (Chakras) can become blocked, resulting in physical and emotional illness.

The gemstones in this Chakra balancing set represent the crystal colours
for stimulating, re-balancing, and re-energising your Chakra centres.

The gemstones used are as follows:

1st - Base/Root - Red Jasper
2nd - Sacral - Carnelian
3rd - Solar Plexus - Yellow Quartz
4th - Heart - Green Aventurine
5th - Throat - Iolite
6th - Third Eye - Amethyst
7th - Crown - Rock Crystal/Clear Quartz

This is a perfect little pack for all your Chakra healing needs. 

Each tumblestone measures approximately 20-30mm.
Pouch measure approximately 10x7.5cm.

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