Chakra Coloured Incense Smoke Box


This black 7-colour chakra chest style incense smoke box (also known as a jali box) is great for burning incense sticks or cones and also keeps your area tidy, preventing ash from falling on your furniture or floor. 

The seven chakra symbols represent the energy centres within the body, and this stunning design will add a special touch of spirituality to your incense burning.

The incense box also has a compartment in the base for safe storage of spare incense.

How to Use
- Light your incense stick or cone and let it catch a flame.
- Blow out the flame.
- Life the lid of the incense box and lace the end of the stick into the hole in the ash catcher or place the cone into one of the brass seats.
- Close the lid and enjoy the relaxing aroma as the smoke drifts out of the pattern of holes in the life and dances gently around your room!

Made from mango wood

Length: 29cm
Width: 5cm
Height: 5cm

Safety Tips
- Never leave burning incense unattended
- Keep out of reach of pets and children
- Use in a well-ventilated area

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