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Chakra Candle - Sacral


Sacral Chakra Candle with Carnelian Tumblestone

Scented with Orange and Bergamot essential oils and finished with a Carnelian tumblestone. The perfect combination to resonate with the  Sacral chakra.

This candle is just one from a collection is inspired by the seven chakras, the energy centres of the body. Each candle in the set is designed to invoke a therapeutic and healing experience aligned with the energy that resonates through each chakra.

Crown: Spirituality, Consciousness, Inspiration.
Third Eye: Psychic abilities, Vision, Clairvoyance.
Throat: Clear Communication, Honesty.
Heart: Love, Emotions, Relationships.
Solar Plexus: Confidence, Empowerment, Willpower.
Sacral: Creativity, Sexuality, Physical Desires.
Root: Grounding, Protection, Manifesting.

Made in Cheshire, with a luxury plant based wax blend of coconut and rapeseed oil wax which is hand poured into a copper tin and finished with a wooden crackle wick for a natural burn.

Tin size: 65mm x 77mm
Burn Time: 38 hours

Coconut and rapeseed oil wax, wooden wick, Orange and Bergamot essential oil.

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