Carnelian Star Pendant with Silver Plated Bail


Carnelian Puff Star Pendant with silver plated bail

This beautiful star pendant is made with Carnelian Crystal gemstone and has a silver plated bail.

Carnelian is for courage, vitality, sexuality, passion, confidence, action.

Carnelian encourages strength of conviction, courage and passion. It has a vibrant energy that can stimulate new life where there has been depression and lethargy. It helps promote sociability and warmth to others. It increases the ability to concentrate. It can help fertility problems in both men and women, and it can also have a strong effect on allowing you to implement plans and ideas without misgivings.

Approximate size:
Crystal: approx. 30 x 30mm
To top of bail: 35cm
Depth: approx. 6mm
Colour: light to dark orange/amber
Chakra: Sacral

Due to the natural formation of carnelian, each carved star may vary slightly in colour.

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