Carnelian Pumpkin Silver Plated Pendant


Carnelian Pumpkin Pendant with Silver Plated Bail

This beautiful mini pumpkin pendant is carved from Carnelian. It makes the perfect little gift for autumn birthdays and pumpkin lovers anytime. Remember, pumpkins are not just for Halloween.

Carnelian is a stone for vitality, motivation, courage and confidence.

It has a vibrant energy that can stimulate new life where there has been depression and lethargy. It can help to banish apathy and general disinterest in life by introducing energy into your aura.

By holding or wearing carnelian you will not magically be cured, but it will offer you a different outlook. It can also help promote sociability and warmth to others.

Size: 20mm with silver plated bail (loop to base approx. 24mm)

Each pendant comes with a small information label.

Due to the natural formation of carnelian, each carved pumpkin may vary slightly in colour.

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