Carnelian Chip Bracelet


Carnelian Chip Bracelet made up of small polished carnelian stone chips.

Elasticated and comfortable to wear. Size: 7.5 inches (approx 19cm)

Carnelian is a stone for vitality

It brings courage and confidence, promotes action, and  enhances sexuality and passion.

Carnelian healing properties.

Carnelian encourages strength of conviction, courage and passion. It has a vibrant energy that can stimulate new life where there has been depression and lethargy.
It can help to banish apathy and general disinterest in life by introducing energy into your aura, which reminds your body and spiritual self of what it is like to help something to grow.

By holding or wearing carnelian you will not magically be cured, but it will offer you a different outlook. It can also help promote sociability and warmth to others.
This stone increases the ability to concentrate, can help fertility problems in both men and women, and can have a strong effect on the emotions and desires, allowing you to implement plans and ideas without any misgivings.

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