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Calendula Carrier Oil


Calendula Essential Carrier Oil
Latin name: calendula officinalis

Calendula is infused marigold oil, and it has a long been a favourite for use in the treatment of inflamed and irritated skin. The oil is obtained from marigold flowers when they are in full bloom. It can be used neat, but also benefits from having essential oils added to it (e.g. Tea Tree (1%) to enhance its antifungal properties; Geranium (1%) to enhance its astringent properties).

Properties and uses:
It has antiseptic qualities
It is antifungal, anti-inflammatory
It is excellent for soothing burned, itchy and sore skin, including cases of acne
It is very safe and is used for nappy rash
It can ease varicose veins
It can be used to smooth out wrinkles and to soften ageing skin
It is useful for cellulite, particularly with essential grapefruit, juniper or fennel


The advantages of carrier oils are:they act as a lubricant for massagethey facilitate the absorption of the essential oil into the skinthey are light and non-viscous, offering no impediment to absorptionthey are virtually odourlessthey do not evaporatethey have specific properties that are beneficial in their own right

We generally pay great respect to the value of essential oils, but we often forget the therapeutic benefits of the carrier oils themselves. Their vitamin content and their essential fatty acids are an invaluable aid in softening and enriching the skin. Some carrier oils help with skin irritations (e.g. eczema and psoriasis). They can also be used to reduce scar tissue and wrinkles.

When buying carrier oils for aromatherapy, it is important to choose quality oils from a reliable supplier. The best nut or seed based oils are cold pressed, and where there is a choice between refined or unrefined, it is always better to choose the latter, as this will ensure the highest concentrations the oils particular vitamins and fatty acids. Of course, not all oils can be cold pressed or unrefined Grapeseed is pressed but involves the use of higher temperatures, thus losing some of its potency, Calendula and St Johns Wort are infused, and Coconut is fractionated.

Of course, the carrier has to complement the essential oil. So for use on the face, for instance, Sweet Almond or Peach Kernel are light, gentle and odourless. Oils with a stronger odour, such as Avocado, are more suitable for use overnight. You can, however, blend a lighter with a heavier oil to avoid problems such as odour or even cost. The possibilities are endless and exciting.

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