Blue Onyx Bead Bracelet


Blue Onyx Bead Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is hand threaded with Blue Onyx beads and is available in two different bead sizes 8mm and 10mm.

Comfortable to wear, Blue Onyx stone beads have a variety of healing qualities:

It can help to enhance your intuition, and increase personal happiness and contentment in life. Its useful in helping us change bad habits weve formed and strengthening resolve.

It's known as a strengthening stone in general, and is helpful in times of both emotional and physical stress. It's a useful stone to carry to help cope with the daily stresses that life can sometimes bring.

Blue Onyx will help to lift negative energies and promote feelings of positivity and confidence.

Bracelet details:

Elasticated and comfortable to wear
Size: Adults (approx. 6.75-7 inches / 17-18cm length)
Different bead sizes available

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