Black Onyx Bead Bracelet


Black Onyx Bead Bracelet

This beautiful bracelet is hand threaded with black onyx beads and is available in two different bead sizes 8mm and 10mm.

Comfortable to wear, black onyx beads also have a variety of healing qualities:

Black Onyx is a stone for inner strength, focus, willpower, discipline and reason, and also allows you to see the bigger picture.

It improves your endurance and persistence, and helps you to complete even the most difficult and dreary tasks. It's a grounding stone that keeps you connected to the electromagnetic energy of the Earth.

Bracelet details:

Elasticated and comfortable to wear
8mm approx. 6.75-7 inches / 17-18cm length
10mm approx. 7 - 7.75 inches/ 20cm length
Different bead sizes available

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