Black Agate Pendulum


This faceted pendulum is made from Black Agate - a protective stone that  brings spiritual energy into balance and roots it in reality and consciousness. It clears energy blockages and grounds while elevating awareness. It also helps clear emotional pain and helps us focus.

A pendulum is a divination tool used to ask yes and no questions. Great for simply finding your lost keys or, on a healing level, you can use it to locate areas of weakness or strength within the body. A wonderful tool for daily guidance in decision-making. Working with your energy, the pendulum will swing, rotate or stay still depending on the answer to your question. 

How to use:
Hold the chain end in your hand letting the pendulum hang over your index finger.
Find which movement represents yes or no for you by asking a simple question to which you know the answer (take note of its movements).
Now you are ready to use your pendulum to ask for the guidance you need.

Gemstone - approximately  4-5cm.
Chain - approximately 15cm, finished with a gemstone bead.

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