Bag of Worry Dolls


Guatamalan worry people in a drawstring bag.
Bag size approximately 5 x 6cm.
Bag colours vary.
Contains 5 or 6 little worry people.

There is a story that when the Mayan people have worries, they tell them to their worry dolls and place them under their pillows at night. By the morning, the worry people will have taken all their worries away.

Here in the West we have a saying about packing up your troubles in an old kit bag! Here you have the Guatemalan equivalent. Even small worries are worth trying to get rid of.

This little woven bag holds the tiniest worry people all ready to do their work (2.5cm). The bag also includes the story.

Whether North or South, the Americas have from ancient times developed unique and colourful cultures. The Native Indians that originally populated these two continents gave rise to a variety of hand-made artifacts that can be in great demand today for their symbols of rich cultural heritage.
From rainsticks and pan pipes to dreamcatchers, we now have access, especially under the Fair Trade umbrella, to some of the most beautifully made native gifts.

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