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Avalon Hand Blended Incense


Avalon Hand Blended Incense is part of Star Child's range of Avalonian incense, dedicated to the realm of myths and legends, of magic and enchantment. Try this Avalon incense and enter a world between the worlds and a time outside time where dragons roam and fairies play

Avalon hand blended incense is inspired by the myths and legends surrounding the mystical Isle of Avalon - Island of enchantment and entrance to the Fairy-realm. It is said that the veils between the worlds are thin in this part of the world. Stories are told of travellers who lost their way in the mists and suddenly found themselves among the merry Fairy-folk of Avalon. Seduced by their kind hosts, they danced and played the night away, laughing and drinking with the Fairies and having a jolly good time. The following morn', however, they found themselves back on the dusty old road. But to their surprise they realized that during the night and day they spent in Fairy-land a whole year had passed by and many a traveller never reached their destination in time... These days, the Isle of Avalon has sunk deeper and deeper into the mists and ordinary mortals rarely pass through the veils anymore - but once in a while, especially when the Moon is full, you might catch a glimpse of the merry procession of Fairies passing by. This incense can be burnt to invoke the magic of Avalon, or as an offering to the Fairy-folk.

How to use Avalon Hand Blended Incense:

Place a charcoal disc on a fireproof surface away from anything flammable. A ceramic or metal dish containing some sand is ideal.
Hold a match or a lighter to the rim of the disc, taken care as the disc may spit and spark on ignition. Also allow a good air flow around the disc so that it can burn evenly, and be aware that it may give off quite a lot of smoke.
Once the disc is red hot and glowing, drop a pinch of the incense on the top.
Scrape off the ashes from time to time to expose the glowing centre of the charcoal disc and add more incense as required.
NEVER hold a lit disc in your hand, and dispose of spent discs carefully.

Looking after your incense:

This type of incense keeps well, and as long as it is kept in a cool dark place it should actually improve with age.



Incense (from the Latin incendere, to burn) is composed of aromatic, organic materials, often combined with essential or fragrant oils, which give off fragrant smoke when burned. It has been used for thousands of years in ritual and religious ceremonies, and in many ancient cultures to the present day.

In its earliest form organic raw material was simply thrown on to a fire to produce aromatic smoke. Perhaps, simply by accident, it was discovered that pine twigs for instance gave off a much stronger smell when burned, and that they were very different from say parsley leaves. From this it would be a small step to realizing that different aromas produced different effects. What followed was the use of various materials to perform specific tasks for heightening the senses, inducing sleep, cleansing spaces, and for offering up prayers to the gods. In fact, in almost all religions, aromatics were considered to be a gift from the gods.

For thousands of years (and still today) Native Americans have been burning herbal mixtures in their healing and cleansing rituals. In their culture this process was called smudging, and herbs such as Sage, Cedar and Sweetgrass were tied in bundles or braided, lit to create an ember, and then the smoke fanned wherever the need to cleanse, heal or bless. In fact, many groups still use incense in its many forms. From pagan groups through to organised religious groups, the burning of incense is a way of purifying, of arousing a spirit of focus and devotion.

Today, as in ancient times, we continue to use the fragrant smoke from incense in all its forms to fragrance and cleanse our living spaces, to relax and reduce stress, to stimulate, to help us sleep, to prepare for prayer or meditation, and to help the healing process.

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