Aromatika Backflow Cones Dragons Blood


Pack of 10 Aromatika Backflow Cones Dragons Blood

Aromatika Back flow incense cones are made using natural oils, herbs and resins.

Each back flow incense cone burns for approximately 25 minutes

To get the full effect from these back flow incense cones you should use it with one of our Back flow Incense burners - available in a choice of beautiful designs to suit every taste and home.

How to use:
Light the tip of the incense cone and blow the flame out (after approximately 10 seconds)
Place the lit cone on a back flow burner (make sure you line up the hole in the bottom of the cone with the hole in the burner)
Sit back and wait for the cool smoke display to begin!

Useful things to know:
The smoke flow won't begin until after a couple of minutes of the cone being lit
If a cone has a broken tip it wont create a flow effect it will just burn like a standard incense cone
It's best to place your burner a protective mat as smoke can cause staining on furniture.
Back flow smoke will often leave a residue on the burner, but this can be easily removed with a damp cloth.

Handy Tips:
Never leave burning incense unattended
Use in well-ventilated area
Keep out of reach of children and pets.

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