Apache Tears

Apache Tears are nodules of Black Obsidian, a volcanic stone produced when lava rapidly cools. Native American Indians believed the nodules were the fossilised tears of dead warriors - hence the name.

Apache Tears come from the USA and Mexico.
These specimens are approximately 1 - 2in.

Strange to say, but these are very "friendly" stones - perhaps because of their naturally smooth rounded shape. They are especially good for grounding, and help to get rid of negative feelings that may be holding you back.

The legend of Apache Tears, as all really good legends do, combines fact with fiction. During the late 1800s the U.S. Cavalry was chasing a group of renegade Apache Indians and had them surrounded on three sides with a cliff on the fourth side. The Indians chose to jump over the cliff to certain death rather than be captured. They all died, men, women and children. The locality of this tragedy was near Superior, Arizona, and the cliff is now called Apache Leap. After the turn of the century, a deposit of Perlite and Obsidian nodules was found near Superior, and the old historical fact gained some new energy when the locals started calling the Obsidian nodules "Apache Tears", stating that these nodules were, in fact, dried or frozen tears shed by some of the surviving members of the Apaches that chose to jump from the cliff.

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