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Anime Tarot Cards


Anime Tarot Deck by Natasha Yglesias, illustrations by Maosishu

The back of the deck reads:
Embrace and deepen your understanding of the spiritual and intuitive power of tarot.  Practice with your favourite modern Anime characters and symbols.

Whether it’s the Empress – a card embodying femininity, beauty, nurturing, and abundance – represented by the yamato nadeshiko, the epitome of purity, poise, kindness, and honesty, or the Hermit – a card of solitude, soul-searching, and withdrawal – linked to the hikikomori, modern day recluses who rely on social media and other forms of distanced communication to connect, Anime Tarot expands upon the symbolism and archetypes of tarot with a fun, innovative twist.

Pack contains: 78 tarot cards with guidebook
ISBN: 978-1803362052

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