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Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards


Angels of Atlantis Oracle Cards by Stewart Pearce
Illustrated by Richard Crookes

Discover the 44 aspects of the 12 Angels of Atlantis in these stunning cards. Each angel is depicted as an orb, a loving wise guide that can assist in healing in every part of your life.

The Oracle will answer questions on health, wealth, career and relationships, with aspects ranging from inspiration, balance, grace and benediction to compassion, ecstasy, romance and surrender.

Use these guards to bring well-being into your life, choosing either one card for direction for the day, or spreads of three or twelve cards for more in depth readings. Know that the Archangels themselves will ensure you select the cards you need to learn and grow.

This pack contains 44 beautifully illustrated cards and an instruction booklet.
Size of cards: 140 x 95mm
ISBN: 978-1844095438

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