The Mothers India

Amrita Large Incense Sticks


Large incense sticks by The Mother's India are made using the traditional 'Masala Method' - a handmade process in which the finest ingredients (including petals, wood bark, oils) are mixed into a paste and rolled onto a bamboo stick by hand. This results in a clean-burning, high quality, naturally highly-fragranced incense stick with a long burn time of up to 2 hours.

The Mother's India large incense sticks were once made with honey, but this ingredient has now been replaced with sugar cane to ensure the product is 100% vegan.

Cinnamon, blended with earthy patchouli and cedarwood, to form a warm blend of rustic woods and scintillating spices. Attracts good fortune and brings spice to your life!

Each box is hand-marbled and contains 20 full length sticks, wrapped in grease-proof paper.

How to Use
- Light the tip of the stick with a lighter or match and let it catch a flame
- After a few seconds, blow the flame out
- Place in a suitable incense holder, such as an ash catcher
- Enjoy as the fragrant smoke gently dances through the air

Safety Tips
- Keep out of reach of pets & children
- Always use in a well-ventilated area
- Never leave burning incense unattended

About The Mother's India
The Mother's India is a Fair trade company based in Pondicherry, India which employs a total of 370 people, mainly women, who get a very fair deal: excellent wages, a savings scheme, a company bike, medical insurance and a pleasant working environment. A portion of every sale of Mother's India incense goes toward local charities aiming to tackle poverty and offset carbon emissions.

Each box is hand-marbled and the product is wrapped in grease-proof paper.

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