Ametrine Chip Bracelet


Ametrine chip bracelet made with small polished ametrine gemstone chips.

Elasticated and comfortable to wear Size: 7.5 inches (approx 19cm)

Ametrine is the stone for balance and connection

Ametrine is a stone that combines amethyst and citrine, so it carries the properties of both those crystals. Amethyst is soothing and citrine uplifting.

Ametrine healing properties:

It relieves tension, balances mental stability and confidence, as well as soothing the emotions, bringing serenity and stimulating creativity. It helps you take control of your own life, as well as enhancing compatibility with and acceptance of other people. Also, Amethyst and Citrine are both detoxifiers, so Ametrine is considered to be doubly effective for reducing toxins.

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