Amazing Angel - Healing


Tiny Amazing Angel - Healing

Let the presence of the Healing Angel surround your life today.
Sharing Peace and Healing with Love along the way...

Keep this little angel in your car, purse, pocket, or wherever you need an angel in your life!

These miniature angels still give you the amazing quality detail Angel Star is so praised for.

Each amazing angel measures approximately 2.5cm (1in).

Most people feel they have a "special angel" to watch over them, especially at those particularly sensitive times in their lives. When a child is born, when they reach adulthood, for a marriage, or when someone passes over the veil, the feeling that the "angels" are with us can be strong. And especially when someone is ill, we turn to those little reminders of not being alone, such as angel worry stones or coins, to keep by us and give us strength.


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