Agate Tree Tumblestone


Tree Agate is also known as dendritic agate
(dendritic meaning finger-like, describing its branch-like markings).

Tree agate evokes a feeling for the natural world.
Some people find it a useful tool for connecting with the energy of the plant kingdom, as well as on a more spiritual level.
Psychologically, it brings a feeling of safety in challenging situations.
It is soothing and peaceful and can be helpful when trying to regain balance in your life.
Encourages a firm self-esteem.
Also thought to be beneficial for the immune system when fighting infections.
Agates in general can be used to alleviate feelings of worry and stress, giving you confidence to face life's challenges.
Tree agate can be helpful in gaining insight into problems to see them for what they really are, and giving confidence to overcome them.

Colour: White with fine green markings
Structure: Mainly Chalcedony and Quartz
Chakra: Mainly the Heart

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