Welbeck Publishing

A Spellbook for the Seasons


by Tudorbeth

Welcome natural change with magical blessings

"Cast spells to bless your life and home, embrace change, and bring in prosperity, fulfilment and energy throughout the year.

From smudging with sage to cleanse your home in the spring, to midsummer rituals to inspire creativity, to protection spells in autumn and winter healing blessings, there are spells for every season, all gathered together here to celebrate our magical connection with the natural world"

Hardback, 223 pages. 

About the author
Tudorbeth is the principal of the British College of Witchcraft and Wizardry and teaches courses on witchcraft. A hereditary practitioner; her great grandmother was a well-known tea reader in Ireland, while her Welsh great grandmother was a healer and wise woman. 

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