Ashleigh & Burwood

White Cedar & Bergamot Fragrance Oil


White Cedar & Bergamot
Top notes of lavandin and eucalyptus leaf that melt into a heart of vetiver, iris wood and spice enhanced by a bountiful base of tonka bean, amber, and moss.

Fragrance Notes
- Bergamot
- Nutmeg
- Mahogany

Size: 12ml

How to Use
In Oil Burners: Add water to the well of your burner, then pour some oil into the well, allowing it mix with the water. Light a tea light and insert it into the burner underneath the well.

In Electric Diffusers: Add water the chamber (being sure not to fill above the 'max' level) then pour oil into the chamber. Put the lid back on the diffuser then switch it on.

Handy Tip
Start off with a few drops of oil and see how the fragrance strength is - you can always add more if you want to boost the scent.

Part of Ashleigh & Burwood England's signature, original range of fragrance oils that they began making in 1993. This range of oils are of the highest quality, designed with decades of perfume expertise and made from premium ingredients resulting in a high-strength complex range of luxury fragrances ranging from the traditional to the modern - but they all have one thing in common, they make your home feel welcoming, comforting and wonderfully-scented.

Safety Tips
Avoid contact with the skin or eyes
Keep the oil and oil burners/diffusers out of reach of pets or children
Never leave burning candles unattended

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