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Opalite Glass Chip Bracelet


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Product Code: JWL-BRA-CHPOPA

elasticated 7.5"

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Opalite Glass Chip Bracelet made up of small polished opalite stone chips.

Size: 7.5 inches (approx 19cm)
On elasticated thread.

Synthetic opalised glass has the trade name Opalite.

Although man-made it is popularly used for meditation, being subtle yet energetic. It is thought to improve communication on many levels, especially spiritual,
enhancing psychic ability and inducing visions.

In healing, it is said to stabilise mood swings and alleviate fatigue.

Worn as jewellery, it's irridescence makes opalite particularly attractive.


Man’s interest in jewellery goes back thousands of years, and he has crafted items from an inventive variety of materials dependent on their availability and his own culture.

In the past, as today, jewellery has had its practical uses as well as being decorative (for instance, brooches and pins to secure garments in place), but ultimately it would be worn as an adornment, as a lucky talisman, or as an expression of wealth.

Some materials were considered more valuable than others; bear’s teeth strung together on a necklace would suggest a higher value because of the hunter’s bravery; highly polished gemstones set into metal would reflect the skill and patience of the maker.

Whether you prefer polished stones, gemstone chips, fossils or shaped beads, one of the simplest ways of keeping your favourite talisman close is to have the beads strung on elasticated thread and worn on the wrist.

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