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Product CodeRKS-TST380

Moonstone is the stone for femininity.

It is a calming crystal of intuition, renewal and increased awareness.

It is claimed to promote long life and happiness and to attract friendship and loyalty towards the wearer.

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Properties of Moonstone -

new beginnings
inner growth and strength
soothes instability and stress
instills calmness by stabilising the emotions
heightens intuition and spiritual insight
promotes inspiration
brings success in love
brings abundance and good fortune in business
promotes unselfishness and humanitarianism

assimilates nutrients
aids digestion
eliminates toxins and fluid retention
alleviates degenerative conditions (eg. of skin, hair, eyes, liver, pancreas)
stimulates the pineal gland
regulates hormone cycles (excellent for PMT and the whole process from conception, pregnancy, childbirth and breast-feeding)
can also help men who are opening to their emotions

Moonstone is quieter and more nurturing than the masculine energy of sunstone. Whereas sunstone will give you courage to let go on all levels, moonstone will hold your hand to accept things that are out of your control. It will calm and soothe your mind and emotions to lull you back into a calm state of equilibrium, and reconnect you to your intuition (or inner tuition). Often used as a stone of fertility for women who wish to conceive moonstone helps you relax deeply enough to be open to receive. It’s nurturing nature helps women connect to their natural motherly instincts and is also a great guide for those who experience parenting difficulties by offering reassurance and guidance to those who feel lost in their ability to connect with children or young adults.

[Jacqueline Winters - a leading expert in the field of Crystal Therapy]


Moonstone is a sodium potassium aluminium silicate. The most common Moonstone is of the mineral adularia (a combination of orthoclase and albite). It is actually feldspar with a pearly, opalescent lustre. An alternative name for Moonstone is hecatolite.

It's name derives from the sheen produced on its surface by light diffraction on its microstructure made up of a succession of layers of feldspar. When forming, its two types of feldspar (orthoclase and albite), because they are intermingled, cool into thin alternating layers. When light strikes these layers it scatters in many directions producing the effect known as adularescence.

[Adularescence is an optical phenomenon, similar to labradorescence (produced by Labradorite) or aventurescence (produced by Aventurine). It is also known as the schiller effect, and can be best described as a bluish, milky lustre which seems to emanate from just below the surface of the gemstone.]

Moonstone has been prized throughout the ages for its use in the making of jewellery. The ancient Romans believed it was born of the Sun (its solidified rays producing its magical effect), and they, along with the Greeks, came to associate the stone with their respective lunar gods and godesses.

More recently, the Art Nouveau movement saw an explosion of Moonstone jewellery through the efforts of many of the Era's designers, not the least of whom was the French goldsmith, René Lalique.

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