Garnet Sterling Silver Pendant


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Product Code: PEN-STS-FCTGAR

24mm x 10mm approx

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Product Brand: Rockshop
Product Weight: 0.015kg

Faceted Garnet in a 925 sterling silver pendant setting.

Size: overall drop 24mm (0.94in approx); width 10mm (0.39in approx) at widest point

Price is for pendant only.

Many people think that Garnets only ever occur in red, but in fact they come in a variety of colours including purple, red, orange, yellow, green, brown, black or colourless. The name Garnet comes from the Latin granatus (a grain) possibly in reference to malum granatum (pomegranate) a plant with red seeds similar in shape, size and colour to some Garnet Crystals.


Garnet is identical to the mediaeval carbuncle, a stone that was reputed to glow in the dark, although this was more on a spiritual level (the darkened soul is illuminated by the carbuncle, bringing light and hope where the life path seems to have no end). In the Middle Ages, warriors had garnets set into shields and sword hilts to protect against injury in battle, and amulets of garnet were thought to bring luck, wealth and blessings.

  • Spiritually, Garnet helps in situations where there appears to be no way out
  • Emotionally, it promotes self-confidence and strength of character. Instead of cowering in the face of obstacles, with garnet they are seen as challenges that can be dealt with.
  • Garnet eliminates taboos, ensures balanced sexuality, and helps with potency problems
  • Mentally, garnet helps us let go of out-dated ideas, and helps us to begin again
  • Physically, it fortifies the power of regeneration in the body, eliminating blockages, stimulating the metabolism and harmonising the composition of body fluids, particularly the blood.
  • Garnet also fortifies the immune system and helps with the healing of internal and external wounds
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