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Dragons have been an integral part of folklore for ages. These legendary creatures have reptilian and/or serpentine characteristics, and feature in the myths of many cultures  - European, Middle Eastern and Oriental. They are often depicted as breathing fire at their adversaries, and are sometimes the guardians of immense treasure.

Dragons can be seen as a sign of protection and strength. In many Asian cultures dragons are still revered as representing the primal forces of Nature, Religion and the Universe.
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Dragon Beauty Box

approx 25cm

Dragon Beauty Candle Stick

approx 25cm

Friends Forever Figurine

designed by Anne Stokes

Grawlbane Dragon Figure

height 20cm

Roxzyle Dragon Figure

height 21cm

Soul Mates Figurine

designed by Anne Stokes

Water Dragon Figurine

designed by Anne Stokes

White Dragon of Wisdom Figure

approx 19.5 cm