Crystal Runes

Runestones are an ancient form of divination. They were used, as far as we know, around Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Iceland and the British Isles from around 1000BC and probably even earlier. Germanic tribes, according to Tacitus, would cut down a branch and cut it into slices, making unique marks on the face of each piece before throwing them randomly on the ground. Then the priest amongst them would pick up three pieces and make interpretations dependent on the signs. Runic inscriptions have also been found in North America, which suggests that Vikings were there long before Columbus' discovery.

The popularity of the runes has never diminished, and today they are made out of all kinds of material, even plastic, but traditionally the preference is still for natural materials such as wood, slate or gemstones.

They are used for divination, for making decisions about which course of action to follow and also for communication.