Aventurine Green Tumblestone


Green Aventurine is a stone for development

This is a good all-round healing stone.

It has a fresh energy that can be useful for washing the aura at times of mental or emotional stress.
It can help with decision making as it helps us connect to the heart and to the idea that it does not matter which road we take because it will always be the right one. It encourages a pioneering spirit, helping to calm the nerves. It is also believed to bring abundance and wealth.

Green Aventurine is useful in relieving migraine and for soothing the eyes - a traditional method of using aventurine is to leave a piece in a glass of water overnight and to use that water the following day to bathe the eyes. Aventurine water can also be used for bathing irritations of the skin with reputedly good results.

Colour: Pale to dark green with silvery sheen
Structure: Variety of quartz with muscovite mica inclusions
Chakra: Heart
Birthstone: Libra

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