Mixed Pack Wildberry 10 inch Incense Sticks


Choose from 6 "fragrance family" options - including a limited edition Christmas Festive Mix!

Clean & Fresh
Floral & Herby
Foody & Sweet
Woody & Spicy

Each pack contains Twelve 10" incense sticks

Each stick burns for up to 1 hour.

Hand-dipped and bursting with pure essential oils and fresh perfumes.

Packaged in recyclable eco-friendly paper bags.

Wildberry is without a doubt America's best incense, having been around since 1971. Made in Oxford, Ohio, this premium incense is made using only the best quality essential oils and the freshest perfume ingredients.

How to use
- Light the tip of incense stick with a lighter or match, and let it catch a flame.
- After letting the flame burn for a few seconds, blow it out.
- Place the incense stick in a suitable holder, such as an ash catcher on a flat and stable surface.

Safety Tips
- Always keep out of reach of children and pets
- Use in well-ventilated areas
- Never leave burning incense unattended.

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